Friday, March 17, 2017

TOP 10 - 2017 Kitchen ideas design

Classic Black and White Palette

As designs evolve the appearance may change, but the appeal of a black and white kitchen never expires. It is all about high comparison — this layout from IKEA juxtaposes white lacquer cabinets (from IKEA's LIDINGĂ– line) and Absolute Black granite countertops, but nonetheless, it also benefits from the tension between state and modern. Warm rustic hardwood floorings are an effective counterpoint to glossy cupboard fabrics.

Choose Bold Fixtures

Bold color isn't the only way to create excitement. Kitchen designers used these oversize light fixtures with black cloth colors from Tech Lighting to add some wow: "They're about 2 feet in diameter and are marginally bigger than you would anticipate for the space," she says. "But they give a great sense of depth perception and create drama in a room with a typical low ceiling." The luxury cabinets are Poggenpohl's Marsh Oak Veneer with a rich near-black spot.

Contemporary Combo

Architectors and designers selected the finishes in this open kitchen to coordinate with the existing tile floor. The Poggenpohl cabinetry in Curit (a warm reddish brown), Titan Gray and Light Yellow makes a cosy blend. Plus, using level-front wood veneer cabinets such as these along with a traditional wood-plank table gives this midcentury home a contemporary vibe.

Maximize Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage is always an issue, especially for apartment dwellers or any homeowner whose kitchen is short on space. To repair this, manufacturers like Hafele are doubling up storage in new, custom kitchens with clever multi-tiered drawers.

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Opt for Architectural Lines

Sometimes a touch of contemporary buildings is all you have to update your appearance. The Purist faucet line of Kohler has a minimalist profile, a 360-degree swivel spout, lever handles, and high clearance for pots and pans. All finishes are complementary to a neutral palette: Polished Chrome (shown), Vibrant Polished Nickel, Matte Black and Vibrant Stainless.

Add In Automation

The kitchen of the future is here today. From detector-activated lights that illuminate the kitchen only when it's in use when dinner is done to meat thermometers that alarm your smartphone, kitchen technology is here to make your life easier. In the event you're new to automation, a fantastic opening merchandise is a hands-free faucet, like this one by Moen. Ideal for homes with little kids who can not yet accomplish the handle or any kitchen where active cooks often have sticky hands.

Marry the Kitchen to Your Home's Style

"Gone are the days when kitchens were simply kitchens — now they're so pretty they could be any room of your home, says designer Jo Ann Alston of her French Normandy-style design. Jo Ann incorporated the appliances for mixed light fixtures with different styles and finishes and a seamless look to give the look of having been acquired over time rather than purchased all at once. The mixed gray and brown tones in the Chinese slate and oak flooring complement the island's Jerusalem gold limestone countertop, offering a rich appearance that never strays far from a neutral color midpoint.

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